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Podcast – Ep. 100 – Looking Back and Moving Forward

Something I learned a long time ago, from both a therapist, and later from a coach, and to be honest more...

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Podcast – Ep. 99 – Discussing Dissociation and DID, with Kathy Broady, MSW

Since I began recording this podcast, I’ve covered the topic of Dissociative Disorders and specifically, Dissociative Identity Disorder, quite a bit....

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Podcast – Ep. 95 – Post Traumatic Growth, with Lucille Zimmerman

When I first started blogging, the primary focus was living with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD. After all, those are the things...

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Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP

The Beyond Your Past Podcast is hosted by Certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Mental Health Advocate, Matthew Pappas. He is also the founder of, a blog in support of all who have survived the Trauma of Abuse, and Teal Ribbon Creations - Web Services for Mental Health Professionals.. Learn More about Matt, the Podcast, his blog, and his Coaching and advocacy work

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