Month: May 2017

Podcast – Ep. 36 – Narcissistic Abuse and Brainwashing – podcast with Lisa A Romano

In this podcast I’m honored to be joined by Breakthrough Recovery Coach, Best Selling Author, and expert on Codependency and Narcissistic abuse, Lisa Romano.

Topics include discussing the emotional trauma that a narcissistic parent inflicts on a child; including brainwashing, invalidation, confusion, and low self-esteem just to name a few.

We also discuss confronting a narcissist and the mindset that we as the survivor, needs to have and the expectations that need to be understood before even considering going down that path.

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I hope this episode resonates with you, and if you would be so kind as to share it with someone who might need it too, that would be amazing. We are all survivors together, navigating this healing journey.

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Podcast – Ep. 35 – Nikki DuBose – Survivor-Author-Advocate-Ambassador

Trauma survivors come from all walks of life, all over the world, and while each of us are unique individuals in our own right, our survivor stories is often very similar. It’s that similarity that helps us all connect, relate, and unite in a common goal of healing and awareness.

nikki-DuBose-Podcast-on-surviving-my-past Nikki DuBose - Her inspiring story of survival and advocacy.Those similarities were evident once again, when I recently had the opportunity to speak with Abuse Survivor, Author, Advocate, and Ambassador, Nikki DuBose.  It was such a privilege to spend some time talking with Nikki about not only her past; the abuse and trauma that she endured, but also about her advocacy work now and her amazing story of survival.

As a former model, Nikki has spent time in the public spotlight, living and working all over the world, but at the same time, also hiding a secret of a traumatic past that she could not escape.

As you’ll hear during the podcast, Nikki describes her life as a child growing up, enduring repeated domestic and sexual abuse, and living with her mother who suffered from Mental Health challenges such as Bi-Polar and Dissociative Identity Disorder.  It’s a story that will tug at your heart as you listen to her share so openly and honestly, about not only her childhood, but also how a career that started out as a dream come true, offering countless opportunities for success, was also taking her down a road of invalidation, self-destruction, and even more abuse; sexually, emotionally, and physically.

Nikki also shares how her faith in God has carried her through this troubled past and into a new world of Healing, and Mental Health and Abuse Survivor Advocacy work. As you listen to her speak passionately about her role as Board President of the Peaceful Hearts Foundation, I’m sure you’ll feel as inspired as I did.  Peaceful Hearts  was founded by Matthew Sandusky and his wife, Kim, out of the ashes of the “Sandusky Scandal” of 2011-2012.  You can read more about it here.

Her message of hope, and being a kindred spirit for childhood sexual abuse survivors, those living with eating disorders, and other mental health challenges, is shining a hopeful light for survivors across the country and around the world.

survivor-author-advocate-ambassador-chat-with-nikki-dubose Nikki DuBose - Her inspiring story of survival and advocacy.

I encourage you to check out her first memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, which you can find on Amazon both in paperback and kindle.  As described on Amazon: This book recounts the experiences of model Nikki DuBose as she overcomes a more than seventeen-year battle with abuse, child sexual victimization, eating disorders, psychosis, alcoholism, drugs, depression, suicide attempts, body dysmorphic disorder, and various other mental health issues, all while trying to navigate through the dark side of the fashion industry.

If you would like to learn more about Nikki, head over to – and be sure to follow her on social media, including her YouTube channel where she regularly posts up videos in support of her work as a Mental Health advocate.

You might also be wondering what else Nikki is working on? Well, I’m glad you asked because she is also a Trauma & Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. If you would like more information about possibly working with her and joining her program, head over to

I hope this podcast inspires, encourages, and validates you. Please consider sharing it so we can reach as many as possible with this message of hope.

Thank you again Nikki for the privilege of speaking with you, and I can’t wait do it again on a future podcast!


Podcast – Ep. 34 – Neuroplasticity, healing the mind and body from chronic illness and trauma

Hope for healing for abuse survivors and those living with chronic illness, that’s the topic of this podcast with Kami Lingren.

Specifically, we discuss neuroplasticity and the DNRS program. Kami is a chronic illness blogger on and also a participant in the DNRS program. After a few months, her results both on her physical and emotional health, have been remarkable and we share those along with her experiences so far in working through the program.

I hope this episode resonates with you, and if you would be so kind as to share it with someone who might need it too, that would be amazing. We are all survivors together, navigating this healing journey.

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Podcast – Ep. 33 – Communication tips for partners of abuse survivors

The importance of open, honest, communication is key for any relationship to thrive. That important is paramount also in the lives of abuse survivors and partners of survivors.

The support and encouragement of a spouse, family member, or close friend is incredibly helpful as a survivor navigates his or her own healing journey.

In this podcast I welcome back returning guest, Heather Tuba, and she shares her insight as the wife of a childhood trauma survivor. Her tips and questions will help keep the lines of healthy communication open and validating for everyone involved.

Be sure and check out for more information, resources, and to get a free copy of her ebook – “For the Partners of Childhood Abuse Survivors”.