Month: November 2017

Podcast – Ep. 53 – Overcoming binge eating and using food as a coping mechanism – Davina Lytle

When you bring up the subject of food issues, and things like weight control and binge eating, it strikes a very personal chord for many people. It’s a touchy subject, and one that often times comes with a great deal of self-shame.  According to statistics, it’s estimated that up to 30 million people in the US alone suffer with some type of eating disorder. *

To say that you are not alone if you struggle with food in any way, is an understatement, but it’s important to understand that for those who have or current do live with any type of food issue, often times they absolutely feel alone. This has been a personal struggle for me, and a really a life long battle that has more ups and downs than you shake a stick at.

So when I was approached by my friend, and returning podcast guest, Davina Lytle, about discussing this subject on the show, I had some unsettling feelings. Not because I didn’t want to talk about it, but because I wanted to make very sure that we covered it in a way that was validating, encouraging, and supportive for everyone who listens.

Davina writes for her blog, on, and shares how “I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) just over 12 years ago, but I’ve had it most of my life.  I don’t function like most other people, but I believe I function quite well for someone with PTSD. I try to look at things positively and I try to avoid things that are negative; especially people, because I take a lot of things to heart.”

As we get started on the podcast, Davina talks about when her struggles with binge eating began, and how it started about the same that her parents had split up and abuse in the home began to escalate. She talks about “eating her words”, and you’ll learn how by doing so it became a substitute for reaching out and asking for help.

We talk about the struggles that both of us endured, since our stories are similar in some ways, of using food as a coping mechanism and a comfort. How sitting around and downing a bag of chips and a bowl of ice cream became the go to way for dealing with stress, anxiety, and numbing from the pain of what was unfolding around us while growing up.

Into adulthood, the struggle is still real because things that were learned in younger years had carried over and those unhealthy coping strategies and using food to numb the pain had also carried over. As she shares, food became a way for her to try to avoid the very subject of men and relationships.

“I figured if I got fat then I would be unattractive to men who were inappropriate with their actions and words…but you know what, it didn’t. It just kept on.”

As we discuss, we not only judge ourselves because of the way that we look, but then we also shame ourselves because of the way we deal with how we look, again by eating. The cycle just keeps going on and on, eating and shame, eating and shame, and it wasn’t until Davina was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, that things began to change…because her life now depended on it.

We discuss these topics and more, in-depth, during our show…so grab those headphones or plug us into your car speakers and join us on the podcast.

Thanks again Davina for sharing so openly, and for validating all who struggle with finding a healthy relationship with food.  your insight will surely encourage so many with a message of hope!

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This post and podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Podcast – Ep 52 – Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, with Dr Baker

On this podcast, I’m joined by friend and Psychologist, Dr. Baker.

A Clinical Psychologist, based in California, Dr. Baker works with individuals, families, youth, veterans, and first responders in areas such as Anxiety and Panic, Family Issues, Self-Criticism, Trauma Recovery, PTSD and more. She is also the creator and host of the Go Friend Your Self Podcast.

Dr. Baker graciously accepted my invitation to join the podcast, and what better topic to discuss, than self-acceptance and self-love, which happens to be one of the areas she specializes in with her private practice. She also does Periscope videos on this topic, as well as ways that we can get a handle on anxiety by understanding it.

During our time together on the podcast, we discuss what it means to fully accept who we are as survivors, and why it can be so difficult when you factor in trauma recovery to self-love.  I know that you’ll find her insight relatable and encouraging as she shares how the journey of healing can be a tremendous struggle, yet the rewards are real and very attainable, no matter what you’ve experienced in the past.

We discuss how the mask that we wear in every day life can be directly related to how we view ourselves. By putting on a mask, so to speak, we only allow others to see what we think they want to see, or what we want them to see, all the while our true selves are dealing with self-shame, and the pain that we feel we will be judged by if we reveal our true selves in a vulnerable way.  This is an incredible struggle that can keep us stuck in self-defeating mindsets, and inhibit the healing that we desperately seek.

We also discuss what it means to be curious about ourselves, in the sense of allowing our minds to embrace the idea that there just might be a different way to view who we are now and the outlook that we have on our future. By working through the limitations of black and white thinking, a whole new world of self-advocacy opens up right before our eyes.

Dr. Baker also shares her insight and strategies for how we can begin to create a good relationship with who we are every day, and the importance of doing so. By creating a positive, loving, and curious relationship with ourselves, we become more compassionate and understanding in our own life and how we view others.  By becoming more compassionate and understanding, we are more able to give ourselves a break along the way, understanding that life and healing is a journey, full of ups and downs, and that’s it’s okay to make mistakes, to not be perfect.

We cover this and much more on the podcast, so grab those headphones or plug us into your car speakers, and join us!

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