If you struggle every day with a mental illness, one of the things you want most is to feel like you are not alone; to know that someone gets what it means to be you, and live with the challenges you face. Even if you don’t live with a mental illness, the desire to feel like someone cares enough to just listen when you’re having a bad day is pretty much universal. At least I think it is. 

It doesn’t matter if they don’t have all the answers and in fact, many times you probably aren’t looking for answers, just a friendly face to sit with you for a while so you can vent, cry, be angry, or express whatever emotions need to come out.  If we’re being honest here, unless you’re talking to a mental health professional, most people won’t have the answers because they don’t understand your struggles or know what it means to be you; so offering advice can potentially go sideways very quickly and make things worse.

bipolar barbie - podcast - beyond your pastBipolar Barbie, a mental health advocate who shares her life on social media, joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about this very subject and to share some of her life’s story.

If you follow B on social media, you know that she is very active on live streams, documenting her life as she continues to learn who she is and along the way inspiring followers from across the globe who resonate with her vulnerable, honest, message. A message of, “be unapologetically you”, regardless of what others think.

It’s ok to struggle, to have bad days, and not have all the answers. It’s ok to wake up and have no idea what the day is going to bring and how you’ll feel; to be completely unsure of how you’re going to manage from one hour to the next. Living with Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, or anything else doesn’t mean you are broken, hopeless, and destined to be something less than that you want to be. It just means, the way you get through each day, and accomplish your goals is going to look different than you originally thought, and that’s totally fine. All that matters is that you keep going, keep fighting, and never give up.

During our chat, B. shares why she calls herself, Bipolar Barbie, and how she began this life of being a mental health advocate and sharing her story on a global scale.

We also discuss:

  •  The importance of being able to communicate effectively with a doctor or mental health professional about your diagnosis and the challenges you face every.
  • Educating yourself on your diagnosis so you can take an active role in your treatment, and to help ensure you get the best treatment for you.
  • Why her message resonates with so many people around the world, and why sharing her life so vulnerably and in an unscripted way, allows her to connect on a deep level with her followers.
    • In addition how she also continues to learn about herself and further her own healing by sharing her life.
  • How labeling someone and throwing around words like “mentally ill” in a negative context, only perpetuates the shame and encourages silence rather than seeking help.
  • The importance of just being there for someone who’s struggling, without needing to give advice or answers; just listen without judgment.

Thanks again to B. for coming on the podcast, especially with the large time-zone difference between our locations. There’s a lot more that we didn’t get too, and to be honest, what we originally planned to cover wasn’t what we actually talked about. That’s the beauty of chatting with someone and just letting the conversation flow naturally. Don’t worry though, she’ll be joining us again later this year as a returning guest.

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All conversation and information exchanged during participation on the Beyond Your Past Podcast, on BeyondYourPast.com, and BeyondYourPastRadio.com is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on these podcasts or posted on the above-mentioned websites are supplements for or supersedes the relationship and direction of your medical or mental health providers.



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