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4 Benefits of Working Through the Pain of Your Past – Ep. 125

So what’s the deal with the importance of working through a past full of trauma, pain, and events we’d probably rather just forget about? Is there a point to working through all of those memories and revisiting situations that we’ve buried in the bottom of our minds for years, perhaps decades?

The short answer, but not the most comfortable answer, is… absolutely.

This podcast focuses on inspiring you to break free from the chains of your past and move forward to experience the world of healing, possibilities, and opportunity that comes with working through past trauma. We wanted to spend some time with you today explaining why this is so important. There are many who feel like they don’t want to let the past go and others that believe they just can’t do it even if they did want too. Sometimes we find comfort in holding onto the past because its familiar or we believe that by holding and constantly reminding ourselves of the past pain, we can protect ourselves from future pain so we keep all those memories alive. We come up with countless reasons to justify we doing this is so important; things like “the past is a part of me”, “this is just who I am” and “I don’t know who I’d be if I let that go.”

We understand these statements and emotions because both of us, Matt and Joanne, have lived in that mindset for a long time. But, we also understand the amazing benefits of moving beyond that type of mindset — which is why we do this podcast – in hopes that people will find the encouragement and motivation to move beyond their past so they can reap the benefits of doing so.

It can be challenging to know the benefits of something if you have not experienced them yourself. So, today, we wanted to share with you some of those benefits that you can experience when you dedicate yourself to your own journey of healing. Remember, everyone heals in their own way and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, all that matters is that consider the possibility of how much more fulfilling and enjoyable life can be when you make your healing a priority.

In addition to 4 primary benefits of healing, we also cover some of the reasons why it’s so difficult to even attempt to begin healing past trauma in the first place; including reasons why we focus on the past, why it’s hard to let go, and why we tend to focus on the negatives aspects of our life.

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Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP & Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP


Exploring Your Archetypes to Discover and Embrace Your Life’s Purpose, with Beth Martens – Ep. 108

Searching for our life’s purpose, it’s something that we can all strive for; merely not existing in this world and “going through the motions” but finding the true desire of our heart and where our passion is, and using it to help others. To not just wake up each day feeling like we are stuck with no hope of having a truly fulfilling and enriching life, but rather to live each day doing what we love and understanding that our purpose is unique to us.

Life purpose and helping others do not necessarily go hand in hand in everyone’s view, but as we’ll explore in this episode of the podcast, using your life’s purpose to help others can make each experience so much more meaningful and fulfilling.

beth martens - exploring your archetypes and embracing your life's purpose - podcast - beyond your pastBusiness, archetype and releasing coach for ‘Mermaids,’ singer with four recordings and mom to a bohemian son on the Canadian prairies, Beth Martens helps women ‘MerPreneurs’ be valued for their authentic life’s work. A ‘corporate cancer’ survivor, she now teaches women how to create and up level a divinely aligned business – so they can serve with the whole of themselves without spreading themselves too thin or burning out from over-giving. In addition to teaching the tools of high end business, she specializes in working with archetype and releasing coaching to help her clients navigate the emotional underworld, reclaim their lost energy and create abundance from love instead of fear.

Beth Martens is a 2 time cancer survivor, and has beaten the odds repeatedly throughout her life. Even when told she would not likely survive, she refused to give up on herself and her dreams of finding and embracing her life’s purpose.  “Over the 3 years of fighting for my life I lost everything – my house, my car, my ability to work, and several friends who couldn’t journey with me. I gave away my cats and all of the stuff I could no longer look after. I lost my hair, I looked like death itself and finally lost my hope to live. 

That day I fell into the pit of despair. Dusk was falling, the room blackening and I laid there for hours on end in my parents’ book room, feeling my life had come to the end. When I finally caved and surrendered to all of the loss, and to death itself, instead of dying I had the most surprising breakthrough.

I saw who I really am. I saw that with nothing, I was intimately connected with humanity through what I’m here to be and do. And I saw how utterly fulfilled I was in that, despite having lost everything. What finally turned the key for me was working with archetypes. In discovering the ‘Mer’ archetype that was out of alignment for me I recovered enough energy that I completely healed, and never had to look back.

After recovering from cancer and the treatments, it took me more than a decade to build my calling into a business that served me and the people I work for equally. Now I teach women to do that in six months.”

You are guided by your instincts about what is possible.

But when you look out in the world it doesn’t reflect the vision you see. You are wired to serve others in the ways you are naturally gifted, emotionally inclined and expertly trained, and your soul won’t let you rest until you do it.

During our chat on the podcast, we cover more about power of working with archetypes and your life’s purpose:

  • What exactly are archetypes and do we all have them?
  • How does working with our archetypes helping in healing from trauma, and overcome anxiety?
  • How we can be in control of our emotions in a healthy way, and why it’s so important.
  • More about exploring our life purpose:
    • What it means to explore your life purpose
    • Why it’s so important and why helping others makes it so much more fulfilling.

To learn more about working with Beth Martens, exploring archetypes and your life’s purpose, head over to where you can check out her resources, coaching programs which include business coaching, relationship coaching, and more!

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-Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP


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