Post Traumatic Growth

Gratitude and Forgiveness, Essential Aspects of Healing and Empowerment, with Lisa Cybaniak

Gratitude and Forgiveness are not exactly easy things to embrace, especially for survivors of trauma. In fact, just the very mention of either of those two can send chills down your spine, regardless of whether you’re a survivor of childhood trauma or other forms of abuse. Both bring up a multitude of emotions and require…

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Re-Victimized, the Risk of Sharing Your Trauma Story with Family.

It takes a long time, for many survivors it can take decades, to come to terms with the abuse they experienced as a child. You spend years denying it, pretending it didn’t happen, barely giving it a second thought, and trying to avoid any thoughts of it whatsoever, but the only way to truly experience…

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Podcast – Ep. 95 – Post Traumatic Growth, with Lucille Zimmerman

When I first started blogging, the primary focus was living with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD. After all, those are the things that I struggled with the most. Being a survivor of childhood trauma, I never knew that I could have PTSD; for so long I thought that was only for those who were in the…

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