Podcast – Ep. 81 – Finding Hope and Life by Overcoming Addiction, and Living with Bipolar and Mania.

Every now and then I have the opportunity to chat with a former guest blogger on Surviving My Past, and when I get that opportunity it’s always an incredible experience. Not everyone is ready to, or enjoys sharing their story on a podcast, and that’s okay. The main thing is that when you are at a point of being able to use your experiences to help others, while continuing to aid your own recovery journey, you do so in a way that feels congruent with you and in line with your values.

This episode of the podcast is just such one of those opportunities to chat with a former guest blogger and share more about his story, hearing it in his own voice. Jason Miller, of BipolarisBeautiful.com and @CostlyLoveWins on Twitter joins me for an incredibly moving chat about his life.

His submission on the blog, “A Bipolar Life: He spent years making mud pies in a slum, but no more!” was vulnerable and honest as he shares many of the struggles he’s endured, in a way that makes you want to keep reading to find out how it all turns out and how he made it through such trauma.  As with so many survivors, you may find yourself not only saddened by their experiences, but cheering them on as they begin to pull themselves out of the depths and into a new world of healing and awareness.

On his blog, Jason describes himself as: a grizzled veteran of the roller coaster of this deadly illness, I (barely) survived it for 43 years. But today, I live with it (bipolar disorder). Perpetually on the edge of that cliff of mania or depression, but with the joy and peace of that boy feeding the gentle giraffe. I hope to help you learn how to do the same. It may take years of diligent effort, but if you want a life instead of a miserable existence, the support networks, tools, medications, recovery angels in skin, and spiritual miracles are all there.

Throughout our conversation, Jason shares more indepth about some of the struggles in his life in the areas of Living with Bipolar Disorder, Mania, Addiction to Pornography and Alcohol, a traumatic accident at work which left him with severe burns,  as well as these following topics:

  • To what do you attribute your getting into recovery and what tools do you use to stay there?
  • What has been most beneficial to your recovery?
  • Besides working on your own recovery, what do you do within the mental health and addiction community?
  • What are your thoughts on the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction?
  • What are your thoughts on our broken mental health care system?

As you listen to Jason talk, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hanging on each word as you hear him recount struggle after struggle, starting over again and again, until finally coming to a place where he could seek out help, surround himself with safe people, and embrace acceptance along his life long journey of healing.

Thank you again Jason for coming on the podcast, your story is undoubtedly helping so many and I’m honored to help share your story.

Don’t forget to check out Jason’s post on Surviving My Past, and we hope you’ll consider sharing his podcast with those who you feel might benefit from his story.

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