Healing from Emotional Abuse, with Soul Transformation Therapy & Reiki, with Elizabeth Goddard – Ep. 105

Learning to break the cycle of abuse and heal past trauma can be a very spiritual experience for some survivors, and for those who have a desire to in touch with their spiritual side and using the energy of the universe to help in healing, working with a professional who specializes in Soul Transformation Therapy and Reiki can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

My guest on the podcast today is Liz Goddard. Liz reached out to me with an interest in coming on the podcast to talk more about her work in these areas and the benefits that working with a coach can have when a client is trying to heal deep wounds of the past by connecting with the energy around them.

Elizabeth is an Author, Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Transformation Therapist, Soul Plan Reader and Reiki Master Teacher; training with the Holistic Healing College in London. She work with women to help them understand why they attract abusive relationships and helps them heal the ORIGINAL wound. She believes that by healing the original wound you can feel whole, something you may never has experienced and allow you to take charge of your life.

Elizabeth has supported women who hadn’t realized they have been Emotionally Abused, but had been stuck in their lives not able to move forward and believing everything was their fault. She believes we take on our behaviours and beliefs growing up, and that some of these aren’t actually our own they have been handed down with each generation.

She herself has experienced both physical and emotional abuse in her life, but it was only when she was healing from a break-up that she discovered the cycle of abuse and although she had seen glimpses of similarities during the relationship, she was finally able to see the patterns in her life. During her healing journey, where she needed 
closure, and to understand what had happened, she discovered the answers. She had taken all the blame for the breakdown and was left confused and drained both physically and mentally; a shell of her former self.

Elizabeth gives her clients the information and understanding they need, helping them see their own patterns and profoundly heal from the experience.

During our chat on this episode of the podcast, Liz and I discuss:

  • Soul Transformation Therapy, what is it, how does it work, and what are the benefits?
  • The importance of discovering and healing the original wound at the root of trauma.
  • Her work as a Reiki Master Teacher, and learning more about what Reiki is.
  • Animal Reiki, and the profound healing that can come in our furry family members.
  • Why more men don’t reach out for help to experience this type of healing
  • The importance of not glossing over or overwriting red flags in all types of relationships.

Liz will be joining me again on the podcast in 2019 so we can dive deeper into her work in helping clients stop the cycle of abuse, recognize red flags in relationships, and learning from our past. In the mean time, I truly hope that you enjoy my chat with Liz Goddard on the podcast, and please consider sharing it with someone who might benefit from our chat…and don’t forget to subscribe!  🙂

Learn more about Elizabeth Goddard, her ROAR program in Helping to Heal from Emotional Abuse, her Free Meditations available, her Book “Finding Lily”, and more over on her website ReviveYourSoul.co.uk

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Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP

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