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Understanding the Needs of a Community after a Mass Shooting, with Melissa Glaser

What can we do to help communities heal after a mass trauma event like the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio? How do we go about supporting the survivors and families, while also taking care of ourselves and dealing with our own feelings? For that matter, how do we understand our own...

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Living Your Best Life through Healing Your Past, with Karen Cesario Rizzo

When you come to a point in healing from your past, from all of the abuse, the trauma, the years of suffering, you may find yourself breaking down, falling to your knees, and crying out for help. That’s exactly what our guest on this episode of the podcast did, and the answers she received were...

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Healing from an Emotionally Abusive Relationship, with Liz Goddard

There’s an old saying, “sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees”, An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole.* Now, what does this have to do is healing from an emotionally abusive relationship? One of the biggest struggles...

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The Hope in Healing from CPTSD, with Monique Koven

If there’s one thing you need to be able to latch on to, and believe in when you begin a healing journey from past Hope. The hope in healing from CPTSD or PTSD caused by childhood trauma is real, but if we don’t believe it’s real, the healing becomes exponentially more difficult. After all,...

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Learning How to Tell Your Survivor Story, with Rachel Grant

Your survivor story, the way you live it every day, and the way you tell it to others, evolves throughout the various stages of healing. Each version is your truth, as you experienced it in the past and how you live in the present. Each stage of healing represents how you’ve grown and how much...

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Understanding Self-Doubt, and How You Can Overcome It.

Self-Doubt, a lack of faith in oneself: a feeling of doubt or uncertainty about one’s abilities, actions, etc.  thank you, Merriam-Webster. I would say that sums it up pretty nicely, but while the definition itself is accurate, how each one of us relates to it is a very personal and unique struggle. The doubt you have...

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Self-Worth: Finding Strength Through Vulnerability, with Brian Cardoza

June is self-worth month here on the podcast. We started off talking with the UK’s leading confidence coach and transformational mentor, Amy Rushworth, as she shared some of her story and talked about how finding your voice is in direct relation to self-confidence and developing your self-worth. After that, we shared some thoughts on how...

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What is Your Self-Worth Based On?

In keeping with the theme of Self-Worth, that we have going right now for June 2019, I wanted to share my thoughts what exactly our self-worth is tied too. It’s an interesting question to ponder if you pause and think about it for a minute. What things in your life are you maybe tieing your...

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