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Unplanned – A Chat with Abby Johnson, Ep. 135

Joanne recently had the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting with Abby Johnson; Author, Speaker, founder of “And Then There Were None“, and former Clinical Director of Planned Parenthood. Abby has been using her voice in support of the Pro-Life movement since leaving her career in the industry in 2009. Her story has been...

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Lessons Learned While Healing from Trauma – Ep. 134

Periodically, Joanne and I like to get behind the mics and just chat about healing, life, challenges, wins, and various aspects of mental health. This episode we decided to do just that and discuss lessons we’ve learned along the way during our healing journey as survivors. For that matter, lessons we are still learning since...

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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Living an Authentic Life, with Leslie Peters, RN – Ep. 133

Living an authentic life, something I think most of us can agree is important. When we are being true to ourselves, living life in a way that is congruent with our beliefs, values, morals, and yes “just feels right”, it shows in how we interact with the world and how we treat ourselves. It’s not...

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Releasing Shame and Recovering Repressed Memories through Writing, with Elisabeth Corey – Ep. 132

One of the most helpful strategies you can utilize in your healing journey is writing. Whether it’s journaling, keeping a diary, blogging, writing letters that you’ll never send, or other writing methods, the benefits can yield incredibly validating and groundbreaking results. Writing is also one of the more difficult things to do for many survivors,...

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Life with DID and Giving Your Alters a Voice, with Kelli Gettel – Ep. 131

If there’s one thing about being a survivor that is abundantly true, it’s that this whole healing journey thing is a process. It’s full of new memories, seemingly unending struggles especially early on, new realizations about what happened and when, and a host of emotions ranging from sadness to anger, to despair, loneliness, and everything...

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Strategies for Recognizing and Responding to Your Inner Critic – Ep. 130

Everybody has one, and it follows you around, constantly causing you to second guess your decisions. It creates an element of self-doubt, perpetuates anxious feelings, and generally make your life miserable if you allow it that kind of power. What is it…Your Inner Critic. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are come from,...

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How Childhood Trauma Affects Your Relationships & Boundaries, with Vennie Kocsis – Ep. 130

I’m honored to welcome back returning guest, Vennie Kocsis, as we continue our conversation on how childhood trauma manifests itself in your life, both physically and emotionally. In particular, we’re discussing the effects on dating and romantic relationships. In Part I, we discussed the Physiology of Childhood Trauma, and how it affects not only emotional...

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The Physiology of Childhood Trauma, how Abuse Affects our Mental and Physical Health, with Vennie Kocsis – Ep. 129

My returning guest for this episode is my good friend, fellow survivor, and advocate for survivors of childhood trauma, Vennie Kocsis. I first connected with Vennie during the early stages of reaching out for support online from the survivor community. I still remember like it was yesterday, she had responded to an article I wrote...

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