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Exploring Your Archetypes to Discover and Embrace Your Life’s Purpose, with Beth Martens – Ep. 108

Searching for our life’s purpose, it’s something that we can all strive for; merely not existing in this world and “going through the motions” but finding the true desire of our heart and where our passion is, and using it to help others. To not just wake up each day feeling like we are stuck...

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Rebuilding Trust in Yourself and Others, While Healing from Trauma, with Joanne Cipressi – Ep. 107

Rebuilding trust; once it’s broken it’s one of the most difficult things to heal. Trust is one of those things that can take quite a bit of bending before it actually breaks. We give others opportunity after opportunity to save it. We can endlessly justify what someone in our life did to us, and how...

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Blogging about Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Complex PTSD – Ep. 106

Many guests who have joined me on the podcast come from a background of writing about their experiences. This method of coping paved the way, in many cases, to their to where they are today, and continue to aid in their ongoing journey of healing. For some, writing is an exercise in anxiety and simply...

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Healing from Emotional Abuse, with Soul Transformation Therapy & Reiki, with Elizabeth Goddard – Ep. 105

Learning to break the cycle of abuse and heal past trauma can be a very spiritual experience for some survivors, and for those who have a desire to in touch with their spiritual side and using the energy of the universe to help in healing, working with a professional who specializes in Soul Transformation Therapy...

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Antidepressants, PTSD, and Taking an Active Role in Your Treatment, with Dr. Wallace Mendelson – Ep. 104

Antidepressants, it seems to carry the idea of being a necessary evil for those who struggle with depression, any number of mental health challenges, including PTSD. It’s not something that most would want to rely on, either temporarily or in an ongoing basis, but yet their effectiveness can bring about a world of positive difference...

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Balancing Vulnerability with Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Advocacy, with Lee Thomas – Ep. 103

It’s no secret that one of the keys to life, is balance. Lean too much towards work, and we can lose focus on our personal life and risk burn out. Lean too far towards the personal side, and we can end up losing sight of the career dreams and things we want to accomplish. When...

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Healing Unresolved Trauma, Through Mind, Body, and Spirit – Ep. 102

When you come to a breaking point in your life, continuously being beaten down time after time, struggle after struggle, never seeming to gain your footing for any length of time, one of the things you might find yourself doing is praying for help and for wisdom. You reach out for help to God, the...

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Stigma Free Zone, A Community Initiative for Breaking Down Barriers of Mental Health – Ep. 101

Whether you are an advocate, mental health professional, a family member or friend of someone who struggles with a mental health challenge, or you yourself live with your own struggles, we can all agree that raising awareness and doing our part to help erase the stigma of mental health is needed now more than ever....

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