Mental Health Megacast – Ep. 7 – Halloween, Mental Health, and Self Care.

Welcome back everyone to Ep 7 of the Mental Health Megacast! A round table discussion from 3 guys who are advocates for mental health awareness.

Your hosts for the Megacast are Wes from, Mike from, and myself. Each of us are podcasters and bloggers in support of not only Mental Health, but also addiction recovery, depression, self-harm, and trauma survivors.

In this episode we are talking about Halloween! We cover topics such as:
-Our thoughts on Halloween and how we celebrate it, or don’t celebrate it.
-What our triggers are around this holiday, including the anxiety that can be caused by social media, the movies, television, haunted attractions, and more.
-The importance of self care during this time, not only from being triggered about the events themselves but also the feelings of peer pressure, loneliness, depression, and more.
-Plus we talk about what we’re up too and potential topics for Ep 8 which will air in early December, 2017.

So grab those headphones or plug us into your car stereo and join us for the Mental Health Megacast.

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Wes – Twitter: @WesA1966
Mike – Twitter: @MIke_Douglas_
Matt – Twitter: @BeyondYourPast

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