Mental Health Megacast – Talking about Personal Struggles & Advocacy with others.

Welcome back to the Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates, podcasters, and survivors of circumstances we’d rather forget, who are trying to find our way through life and make a difference.

Officially, this is Season 3, Ep. 1– but our numbering system isn’t an exact science since this is actually episode 126 of my podcast, while it’s also something different for Wes and Mike’s shows. Anyways…we’re just stoked for each opportunity to come together for an hour and chat about what’s been going on in our lives; the struggles, the challenges, the wins and progress, and everything in between.

Anyways, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Megacasts, you can check out past episodes here, and also my cohorts platforms as well….

To that end, the Megacast is the combined collaborative brain powers (more or less) of Wes from and Mike from, and myself.  I encourage you to check out and follow them online and through your favorite podcasting platform. Each of these guys has a tremendous message to share and an inspiring and unique way in how they go about it.

In this episode, Mikes Open Journal - Mental Health MegacastWes brought up the topic of how we act and react around family members, and those who aren’t necessarily active in mental health advocacy circles.


  • We discuss the challenges of living authentically both inside and outside the world of mental health and recovery.
    • What that authenticity looks like with family members vs friends vs colleagues vs those online who we interact with in our advocacy work.
  • The challenges that arise when certain things are considered okay to say or talk about in some circles but not okay in others.
  • The importance of fostering not only relationships with people who understand your struggles and the work you do in healing, but also those relationships that are just about having fun, relaxing, and blowing off steam…how this can be a form of self-care.
  • The comfort level of sharing, and how much to share with those who don’t necessarily understand life in recovery or what a healing journey is when they ask you to talk about it. The importance of not judging what we think they may or not understand, before we have a chance to talk with them and find out how interested they are.
    • When to go deeper and share more, vs keeping information at a more surface level.

We hope you enjoy this latest episode, and if you do have suggestions for future shows, we are still taking them. 😉 One of the best things about these episodes is that that they are completely unedited, unscripted, just us hanging out and having a chat, to which you are always invited to listen in on.

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All conversation and information exchanged during participation on the Beyond Your Past Podcast, on, and is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on these podcasts or posted on the above mentioned websites are supplements for or supersedes the relationship and direction of your medical or mental health providers

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