Podcast – Ep. 19 – Chat with Heather Tuba on Abuse Survivors, PTSD, and their Families

Caregivers and supporters of abuse survivors play an integral role in the recovery of the survivor. Having the support, encouragement, inspiration, and validation of someone we trust, means the world for those of us trying to heal from trauma.

I’m joined on this podcast by my friend, Heather Tuba. Heather is the spouse of an abuse survivor. She is also a blogger and working to raise awareness and educate the spouses and family members of survivors.

In this podcast we talk about PTSD, CPTSD, support your spouse in recovery, and the 7 truths of childhood abuse and how they relate to spouses and family members.

I hope this episode resonates with you, and if you would be so kind as to share it with someone who might need it too, that would be amazing. We are all survivors together, navigating this healing journey.

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