Podcast – Ep. 43 – Katia Cooper – Author of An Elf's Journey – Mental Health and Survivor Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by special guest, author, survivor, and healing creatrix, Katia Cooper.

We discuss her book, An Elf’s Journey, Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse. This amazing resource for survivors is sure to inspire and encourage you as follow an endearing elf who carries a burden that didn’t belong to her. This book will tug at your heart and validate you at the same time as you gain a unique perspective on healing from childhood trauma.

Be sure and check out KatiaCooper.com for information on how to get a copy for yourself and a friend!

So grab those headphones or plug us in to your car and join us for a time of sharing, validation, and healing. Don’t forget to head over to KatiaCooper.com to find out more about her advocacy work, the podcast, and her book.

Be sure and stay tuned to SurvivingMyPast.net for weekly blog posts, more podcasts, and my future coaching work!


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