Podcast – Ep. 47 – Understanding Flashbacks, Podcast with Rachel Grant

Welcome back to Surviving My Podcast! I’m please to introduce a returning guest and my good friend, Rachel Grant. Rachel is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach, and has an MA in Counseling Psychology. Her extensive research on how the brain is affected by trauma has been life changing for her clients and everyone who has read her book, Beyond Surviving, the Final Stage of Recovery from Sexual Abuse.

In this podcast we discuss the topic of Flashbacks. We learn about what they are, and how our brain reacts during a flashback. We discuss the importance of understanding why they happen and we share ways that you can effectively decrease not only their intensity, but their frequency.

So grab those headphones or plug us in to your car and join us for a time of sharing, validation, and healing. Don’t forget to head over to RachelGrantCoaching.com to find out more about Rachel, her program – Beyond Surviving, and all of the amazing resources she has available.

Be sure and stay tuned to SurvivingMyPast.net for weekly blog posts, more podcasts, and my future coaching work!


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