Podcast – Ep. 56 – Why Anxiety Keeps You Stuck, and How to Overcome It

How many times have you said something like this to yourself, or heard someone else say: “I’m just an anxious person by nature, it’s all I know”, “I’ve always been anxious about everything in life, I can’t ever just relax”, or “I was born this way and that’s all there is to it”.

Anxiety can take over your life, and can define how you see yourself if you let it. That’s the key right there my friend, “if you let it”. Anxiety only has the power that you allow it to have. The sooner we realize and embrace that, the sooner we start to see anxiety for what it is…a liar!

My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast is someone who’s dedicated their life to helping everyone see anxiety for what it truly is, and overcome it. To empower them with the knowledge that not only is anxiety a liar, but also to equip them with skills to take their life back and live free from the grip of overwhelming anxiety.

In her work as a Psychotherapist, Jodi Aman has helped people in the areas of: Anxiety, depression, divorce, chronic pain, illness, eating disorders, abuse trauma, gender identity, relationship issues, as well as military/war trauma. She’s also an author of, “You 1 Anxiety 0, Win Your Life Back From Fear and Panic”. This incredible resource has helped countless people all over the world realize that there is hope in the fight against anxiety.

The main topic of our chat centers around the question of, “is anxiety curable?”…and the short answer is a resounding, YES!

I pose that exact question to Jodi and we discuss the 3 reasons why anxiety is indeed curable, and why so many feel that it isn’t. We discuss why anxiety keeps us stuck and how we can overcome it. By the way, that’s precisely what it wants you to believe, that there is no cure for anxiety and that it’s a life sentence of misery, isolation, depression, and living in fear. 

So why exactly do so many think that there is no cure? Well, one reason is because someone told you that it wasn’t, so therefore you believe it. There are some mental health professionals and coaches that believe there is no cure; that you can only work to manage it, but not completely overcome it. If that’s your mindset then it becomes exponentially more difficult to try to make any type of positive change. If you feel like there’s no hope, no end goal of healing and feeling better, it’s very easy to not work as hard or just give up completely. You eventually begin to define yourself in every negative way possible, so therefore trying to embrace any hope of healing is darn near impossible. Then you emotionally beat yourself up because your stuck, miserable, broken and alone. It’s a vicious cycle to say the least.

Another reason is that it’s just so easy to stay still and not even try. We stay isolated and alone at home, seemingly safe from the outside world. We don’t go out with friends, we don’t embrace and enjoy what life has to offer. We have such a negative view of our ability to cope, that we figure we’re better off alone so we don’t set ourselves up for more failure.

The third reason is that you’ve tried everything to cure your anxiety and you still don’t like yourself. You still don’t feel like you’ve made any progress, like this whole idea of beating anxiety is a pipe dream and you simply aren’t capable enough to pull it off. The key here friends is…

We cover these 3 reasons more in-depth on the podcast, so you’ll definitely want to give it a listen! Plus, we discuss some strategies that you can put in place to help embrace a positive mindset of completely healing from anxiety. 

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-Matt Pappas, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Specializing in Overcoming Anxiety and
Working with Trauma Survivors.

Twitter: @BeyondYourPast
Instagram: @BeyondYourPast
Facebook: BeyondYourPastLifeCoaching

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