Podcast – Ep. 58 – My experience with Guillain Barre Syndrome, When daily life, completely changed.

In this episode, I take on a topic that has never been discussed before here on the podcast. I’m not even sure there’s been much said about it on podcasts at all, period.

Today i’ll be sharing with you an experience that has recently changed my life, one that took me from the status quo, going about my business to a complete pause. This recent health concern, and really scare if we’re being honest here, took everything that I had been doing in life, and all of the plans that I’d been working on for the last few years and made me reassess a great many things about my life.

As you’ll hear, what I thought was nothing more than a chest virus or some kind of flu like symptoms, turned into a possible stroke diagnosis, then possible Bells Palsy, finally winding up with a week long hospital stay and a diagnosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome.

In the midst of all the things that were going on in life at the time:
Life Coach working with clients
Working on a new book
Working a full time day job
Being a parent
and many other things that occupied my time, the events of the last 6 weeks have made me realize a great many things.

Join me on the podcast as I talk about the events leading up to the diagnosis, what life was like then and what it’s like now. The fire, the passion, the desire for all of those things is still there, and will always be, but the importance of taking better care of myself in the process, and drawing closer to my creator has been monumental.

It’s my hope that this podcast will reach you with a message of hope and encouragement, and validation that you are not alone, in your struggles in life.

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Matthew Pappas, CLC

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