Podcast – Ep. 61 – Overcome your traumatic past by rewriting your story, with Rukshana Triem

My guest on Ep. 60 of the Beyond Your Past Podcast, is Rukshana Triem, and she is certainly no stranger to trials and tribulations that come from a childhood full of trauma.

Rukshana is former refugee from Mozambique who came to the United States in 1990s. She overcame childhood sexual abuse during her time in the refugee camp and is now an advocate for parents and child care providers to support them on their healing journey. She is also the C.E.O of her Women’s Lifestyle coaching business where she helps women overcome their rough past and create their beautiful life through Nature Retreats and online coaching programs and communities.

Rukshana holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Human Development and worked as an Early Childhood Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Social worker, and now a Lifestyle Coach for women.

When she’s not working she’s spending time with her husband, her girls who are currently in college, and volunteering taking women on outdoor adventures, including hiking and backpacking.

During our time on the podcast, Rukshana and I discuss things such as:

Some of the past of living in the refugee camp, and the trauma that she endured, and how she uses those experiences to help others overcome their past?
How did she change her story from Trauma to Success?
When did you get to the point that you said its time to change your story from Victim to Victory?
How did her journey lead into a career in entrepreneurship?
What she would like to share with others who are stuck in their old story?
How long did this journey take to heal the Trauma, and what other steps did she take to heal her wounds?

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Matthew Pappas, CLC

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