Recently I had the extreme pleasure to do a combined podcast with an amazing woman, survivor, and coach, in Kelley McElreath.

I connected with Kelley via Twitter a few months ago while doing some researching on trauma recovery coaching. We got to talking here and there and swapping some of our stories of survival from our past abuse. Those talks led to her and I doing a combined podcast, which you can listen too right here in this post.

I encourage you to check out her full story, including her battle as a breast cancer survivor, over on

On the show we discuss some topics such as our experiences with bullying, sexual abuse, relationships, how we were treated in the church, and much more.

So tune, grab those headphones or plug us into your car and give it a listen. I’m sure you’ll be inspired and encouraged by Kelley’s story and our chat together.

Thanks again Kelley, I look forward to doing another show with you in the future!

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