Podcast – Ep. 96 – Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Co-Dependency, with Shena Tubbs, MMFT, LPC

Admitting out loud to yourself can be difficult enough, but admitting to another person can be downright scary, embarrassing, and shame inducing. When you come face to face with an addiction of any type, it means you’re taking the first step in a difficult recovery, but one that is absolutely possible. After all, without Hope, what’s the point of trying to heal, right?

shena tubbs - podcast - beyond your past - sex and love addiction and codependencyMy guest on this episode of the podcast is Shena Tubbs. Shena is a Licensed Professional Counselor, MMFT, LPC, CSAT-C based out of Texas, and is an expert in the areas of Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, Sex and Love Addiction, and Trauma Recovery.

As she outlines on her website, ShenaTubbs.com and listed on Psychology TodayI help women from around the globe who struggle with creating and living in fantasy relationships with unavailable partners, often losing their boundaries and self-esteem for the promise of “love.” Some people call it codependence. Some people call it sex and love addiction. Some call it intimacy disorders. …No matter the name, I am here to help.

Through our time together, you will be able to let go of desperation and feelings of low self-esteem, not be dependent on emotionally unavailable partnerships, and regain control of sexually compulsive behaviors by learning to love yourself first. Together, we may work on unresolved trauma and combat self soothing by overindulging in things over/under eating, shopping/debting, and overworking. Together, we help you break free of these patterns. I believe that you can have it all without losing yourself, and I want to help you get there.

Shena is also a host of her own podcast, Love Junkie, which I had the pleasure of being on not long ago. Shena graciously invited me to join her to discuss the connection between anxiety and trauma.  You can listen to that episode by clicking here. Thank you again Shena!

During our chat on this episode of Beyond Your Past, Shena shares her expertise in the areas of love addiction, sex addiction, sex and love addiction, and how unresolved trauma can affect these addictions and inhibit healing. Some of the specific areas we cover include:

  • Shena shares some of her story, which includes being the oldest of 3 sisters, being left in charge of many responsibilities in caring for her sisters,  and growing up experiencing emotional neglect.
  • As an adult, how going to a sex addiction meeting, after realizing she was crossing boundaries in her own life that she never thought she’d cross, changed her life, and over time  helped her pursue a career as a therapist.
  • The differences between sex addiction and love addiction, and what is “sex and love addiction”?
  • How codependency fits in with sex addiction and love addiction, and is every sex and love addiction person codependent?
  • What does recovery look like for someone struggling with sex and love addiction; what can you expect during the process?
  • How a connection to God and her faith played a role in her own recovery.

Shena’s expertise has proven to be invaluable to her clients and those who listen to her podcast. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share her knowledge on Beyond Your Past, so definitely give the podcast a listen. Even if you do not personally struggle with sex addiction, love addiction, or codependency, you may someone who does and sharing this podcast with them may make a huge difference in their life.

Be sure and check out ShenaTubbs.com , the Love Junkie Podcast, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

-Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP








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