andrea evans podcast interview - rocking the couch - on beyond your past radioRecently, Joanne had the opportunity to chat with Andrea Evans, about her first endeavor into the world of being an executive producer and the message she wants everyone to take away when you see her documentary, “Rocking the Couch“.

Andrea Evans has been a Hollywood icon for decades, staring in television shows including The Bold and the Beautiful, Passions, One Life to Live, The Bay, and more.  Now she’s teamed up with longtime friend and director, Minh Collins, to create a documentary in the wake of the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and others, to help bring awareness to sexual assault victims and what can happen on the casting couch.

Andrea talks with Joanne about how the idea for, ‘Rocking the Couch’, came to be and why she, Minh, and her team decided it was so important to make this documentary. She shares some of the processes in talking to women who would be willing to speak out and share their story, and the struggle of so many who simply couldn’t share their experience due to shame, fear, their career, or family and friends who don’t know they’ve experienced this type of trauma.

Ms. Evans shares how especially vulnerable and susceptible aspiring actors are to what can happen on the casting couch. Since there is no clear cut path on how to make it in the entertainment industry, newcomers to the scene have to find their way and are often left to their own devices, which means they simply aren’t aware of what can go on during the process of trying to make it in the industry.

Andrea shares with us the message that she hopes everyone will take from this movie, that more people will be aware of what can happen in this situation and hopefully this can be a step in the direction of raising awareness and empowering survivors of sexual assault to reach out for help, share their story, and hopefully be a catalyst for helping to prevent this trauma.

Rocking the Couch is currently available on Amazon Prime, Hollywood titans, Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby, have been brought to their knees by the #MeToo movement. The term casting couch has existed for decades in Hollywood, but in 1992, a case against talent agent, Wallace Kaye, was brought to court by 12 unknown actresses, who braved the loss of their careers, privacy & Hollywood dreams. Against all odds, they won, and no one listened, until now. 

“Our documentary explores the case and asks, “Why didn’t we hear about this?” More importantly, why didn’t Hollywood learn from this case? For, if they had, maybe the Cosbys and the Weinsteins would have learned as well, and these sexual exploitations could have been prevented”. – Rotten Tomatoes

We appreciate Andrea Evans taking some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us on Beyond Your Past Radio. We encourage you to consider checking out her film, and get a glimpse into a world that so many of us have never experienced but is none the less as real as it gets.

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