It’s funny how things work out in life, and I don’t mean funny haha, but more like funny strange, or funny interesting. In this episode of Mobile Musings, sponsored by Beyond Your Past Radio, I look back at an episode I recorded 3 years ago, and wouldn’t you know’s as relevant today as it was then. Plus, it also works out pretty well since it’s on the same wavelength as what I was going to record initially before things got away from me this week with some unexpected responsibilities. Don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together…or in this case, how the plan works itself out even when the plan wasn’t a what you thought it would be?


The struggles unfolding all around us in government, world violence, a divided nation and really divided world on so many fronts, can take its toll on your emotional health. These volatile times, the same as back then, can very easily steal your joy and bring down your outlook on humanity overall as well as the potential in your own life.

For that matter, not even just 3 years ago, but these struggles have been around in various forms for decades, and one can make a case for these things being around since pretty much, forever. Times change, technology changes, and we just don’t seem to learn from our past in some areas.  You know how that old saying goes, right?

So I hope you’ll enjoy this look back at my thoughts on embracing the good the people around you, sharing a smile, and finding ways to rid yourself of the negativity in your life so can embrace everything wonderful about you and those around you.

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