In keeping with the theme of Self-Worth, that we have going right now for June 2019, I wanted to share my thoughts what exactly our self-worth is tied too. It’s an interesting question to ponder if you pause and think about it for a minute. What things in your life are you maybe tieing your worth to as a human being too?

  • Your Job or Career
  • Getting a promotion
  • Achieving a particular goal
  • Being a parent
  • A spouse
  • A hobby
  • Your house, Your Car, Your Possessions…

Insert whatever you want, but when you begin to think about it, take stock of how much you put your well being, your personality, your existence, your purpose, into those things..and how is that serving you? How does that make you feel, how does that inspire you?

How temporary, or volatile are those things…are you always striving to live up to a standard of someone else, and if so, how’s that working out for you?

I share some thoughts on the importance of tying your self-worth, your reason for being on this planet, to only you. Not allowing anyone or anything to dictate who you are, how you should act, where you focus your time, efforts, and resources. Understanding that relationships, hobbies, friendships, careers, possessions, are all well and good, there’s nothing wrong with any of those things, as long as you always know that you are amazing, worthy, capable, and importance just for being you.

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